Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thought for the Day

Sitting on the floor in front of the school office, he was waiting for his mom. I could see tears trickling down his eyes.  I do not teach him, but I know him, of course. So I went and asked him, " What happened, Hun? Are you okay? Your mom will be here any minute." He spoke, slowly, without looking at me, " I smiled at you, and you did not smile back".  "Oh! I am so sorry, I did not see you " I apologized and played a little game with him, " Let's smile together now...1...2...and 3..." We both smiled together and I saw his mom smiling behind us. A child can speak, can we?

The other day one of my seniors from school posted some pictures on Orkut. He visited the place where Mahatma Gandhi was kicked out from the first class compartment in South Africa for being a brown. That incident changed his life and he changed the world.  I suddenly started to admire this lean, simple, dark man more... how many people have the courage?

I did some work on bullying prevention in my school last year.  I learned during the workshops about the different kinds of bullying happening in schools among kids. Most often among girls is the psychological bullying which prevails, especially against the newcomers in the school.  And I wondered how is the adult world different...

'The thought for today' on the PA system said today, " I will treat everyone with respect".